Dawn Of The Pro

Recording-pro Hank D.

Hi, I’m Hank D. and I’m a recording pro with years of experience under my belt. I have worked on countless high-profile productions. Too many to list. I you have ever turned on a radio, you have heard one of my songs. Unless it happened to be exactly at the time the news were on, and then you switched off immediately. That would be the exception. In this case it would be foolish to think, that you could have heard one of my tracks – the moment would have been to short, the window of opportunity too tiny, for any of my large-scale productions to squeeze through.
If for example, you had bought a new music CD, and played it back on your stereo, but after a second you turn it off, then you wouldn’t have heard much af that CD either, would you? And that’s with your own CD, brother!

But it’s not just the large commercial productions that make being a top recording engineer so fascinating. I also always had a heart for smaller projects, too. The little gems created by talented musicians, where a singer and a bunch of Jazz guys record something. Something you could be sure that nobody would ever want to listen to again. Those I do, too.

I circle between New York, Los Angeles and Nashville. Sometimes London. Some big projects I do in my own studio, but mostly I work in large commercial studios.

I’m a stone cold audio sound production professional. And I’m going to talk plain-text here. Bam!

The wealth of pro recording information on this site will take your breath away.

Hank D.


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